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Brasov City Tour

Is exploring new cities one of your favorite things to do? Brasov City tour gives you the opportunity

The Brasov city tour is for you, if you like spending time in historical old towns. It may have never been on your bucket list to visit Brasov, but trust us, it’s totally worth it. First of all, know that you won’t be by yourself. You will have a local guide all for yourself which will answer all your questions.

Brasov City TourFind out these historical places

This tour will take you to the Black Church in the heart of the Old Town. It was built by the German community of the city and stands as the main Gothic style monument in the country. As well as being the largest and one of the most important Lutheran places of worship in the religion. This fabulous monument takes you back in time. That’s why you need to choose the Brasov City Tour, it is perfect for this occasion. We tell you the best historycal stories about this amazing building.

Invite your friends and join our Brasov City tour

We only organize private groups, so on this occasion we will give you our attention and focus maximally. This opportunity is suitable for families also. Even if you travel by yourself, you can still book with us. The price per person drops if there are more people coming. This is one of the benefits which await you if you choose this tour.

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